Frequently Asked Questions

What payment types do you accept?

We accept payments from MasterCard, Visa, Visa Debit and American Express. We do not accept PayPal. You are also more than welcome to make a BACS payment or pay by cheque.

How long does it take?

We usually require approximately two weeks notice to book in a template date. Once we have carried out your template we will have the worktops ready to install one to two weeks later.

Do you supply any warranties?

Yes all of our work is covered by a manuafcturers warranty of between 10 and 15 years (depending upon product chosen). This covers the material, manufacture and installation.

How large can an overhang be on my worktop?

Well this depends upon the thickness of the worktops, cabinet construction and the support required. 12mm thick worktops will require external, visible supports such as brackets or leg supports on overhangs larger than 100mm. Worktop thicknesses from 24mm thick to 40mm can have an overhang of up to 450mm with steel support bars hidden within the worktops.

Will the joins be invisible?

All solid surface joins are completely seamless and inconspicuous. In the majority of colours the joins are impossible to see once finished, however the exception is where a veined colour is used and this may create a mismatch in the pattern.

Is Corian heat resistant?

Corian® solid surface is heat resistant and remains undamaged in temperatures up to 212ºF. However, as with all countertop materials, it is important to minimise direct heat exposure to protect your surface and investment. We would always recommend using a trivet or pan stand

Have technical questions?

We have solutions for the most common technical questions in our knowledgebase. Access the CJEM Knowledgebase here.