Corian & Solid Surface Warranty

What are Quality Network Fabricators offering the full Corian warranty. So why choose one?

We understand that it is vitally important that your customer knows that their project is going to be in safe hands. A Quality Network Fabricators is your starting point to achieving that.

Being a proud members of the Corian® Quality Network and HI-MACS® Quality Club means you can be confident that we will deliver the highest quality in the industry on time, every time.

Du Pont Corian Quality Network

corian warranty
Hi Macs Warranty

The members of this network are trained by DuPont specialists and technicians, their skills are checked and certified by DuPont, their preparation and service are continuously monitored by DuPont.
Dealing with a member of the “Corian® Quality Network” means counting on state-of-the-art training and knowledge in terms of fabrication and installation. It means dealing with people that are used to manage complex tasks, dealing with companies supported by the know-how of DuPont and whose creations and installations are associated to a official ten-years warranty of DuPont.

Hi Macs Quality Club