Latest Projects.

Our work is as important to us as it is our customers. From large kitchen worktops to small bespoke vanity tops we are proud of them all. Below you will find some of our latest Corian solid surface projects that we have supplied to our residential and commercial customers over the last few years.

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  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Reception Desks
  • Staircases
  • corian witch hazel worktops

    Corian solid surface worktops / Bristol

  • Corian Solid Surface Projects

    Corian Kitchen worktops / London

  • Corian pearl grey worktops

    Corian Kitchen Worktops / London

  • Corian glacier white worktops

    Corian kitchen worktops / London

  • Corian solid surface worktops

    Corian kitchen worktops / Worcester

  • Bespoke Corian Vanity Top

    Bespoke Corian Vanity Top / Wiltshire

  • Corian kitchen worktops

    Bespoke Corian worktops / Bristol

  • Hi Macs reception desk

    Hi Macs solid surface reception / Bristol

  • Corian Worktops Poole

    Corian Kitchen Worktops / Poole

  • Corian Worktops Cardiff

    Corian Kitchen Worktops / Cardiff

  • Corian Worktops Cornwall

    Corian Kitchen Worktops / Cornwall

  • Corian Worktops Bath

    Corian Kitchen Worktops / Bath

  • Corian solid surfaces

    Corian White Jasmine Worktops / London

  • Green corian worktops

    Corian Worktops / Exeter

  • Backlit Corian worktops

    Corian Worktops / Exeter