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Bespoke Kitchen Worktops Bristol

  • The bespoke Corian kitchen worktops for a job in Bristol was a unique project to work on. The kitchen itself was designed and created by Future Joinery Systems using the Corian colour Warm Grey. The top highline drawers are also faced in Corian to match the stunning worktops.

  • Both the worktops and the drawer fronts are mitred to create the appearance of one monolithic block all in Corian. The drawer fronts and worktops have been fabricated using 12mm Corian sheet material.

Bespoke kitchen worktops Bristol

The details

  • The worktops include an integrated Corian M778 Mixa sink. These made to order sinks are available in any colour to match the colour of the worktops creating a sleek overall appearance. A 50mm Corian square upstand has also been added to finish off the installation.

  • Corian and solid surface is an incredibly versatile material and this project really highlights it’s potential. It’s not just used for worktops as this project show. We also create drawer front, doos and even complete pieces of furniture made entirely of solid surface.

  • Warm Grey Corian
  • Warm Grey Worktops

Custom Drainer

On this project the designer included a unique, custom drainer area. The bespoke design was CNC cut creating not only a one off design but also a tapered gradient to allow the drainer to be fully functional. If you have your own unique or bespoke ideas our team are always happy to work with you make to make them a reality.

  • Bespoke worktops Bristol
  • Custom Corian Drainer
  • Custom Corian worktops