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Healthcare Environment

Today’s healthcare facilities recognize the importance of creating environments that encourage comfort and healing, eliminating the cold institutional feeling that formerly prevailed in hospitals, nursing homes and other healthcare settings.

But an aesthetically-pleasing interior only works if it is easy to clean and maintain. Combined with its durability, the inherent hygienic properties of Corian® – recently recognized by the award of a Hygiene Certificate by LGA QualiTest GmbH, the prestigious German independent product testing centre, make it suitable for many healthcare environments.

Please click on an image to enlarge an image of Corian healthcare possibilities.

Corian´┐Ż products such as sinks and backsplashes can be perfectly integrated to create the illusion of a single, solid surface. With a coved upstand there are no sharp internal corners to collect dirt or moisture. This makes your Corian® worksurfaces more hygienic and easier for you to maintain keeping that look and feel you always wanted.

Corian healthcare at C.JEM Worksurfaces

corian kitchen

  1. Unique curved coved worktop upstands possible with C.JEM
  2. Countless colour possibilities for your Corian Worktops
  3. Design your worktops in any style or shape to suit your healthcare environment
  4. Incredibly hygienic and very easy to keep clean
  5. In the unlikely event that your worktop suffers any damage, the beauty of Corian is that it can be easily repaired
  6. Create the look of one single piece of worktop