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Corian Marine Facilities

Corian® has become increasingly popular with marine architects because of its unique combination of aesthetics and functionality. Beautiful, hygienic and ease of maintenance are just some of the benefits of using Corian®

Highly durable and easy to repair, Corian® is a sensible choice for areas exposed to moisture, UV rays and temperature fluctuations. Corian® is the surface material of choice on yachts, cruise ships, ferries, naval vessels, houseboats, offshore platforms, sailboats and powerboats.

Please click on an image below to enlarge an image of marine Corian.

Corian® products such as sinks and backsplashes can be perfectly integrated to create the illusion of a single, solid surface. With a coved upstand there are no sharp internal corners to collect dirt or moisture. This makes your Corian® worksurfaces more hygienic and easier for you to maintain keeping that look and feel you always wanted.

Marine Facilities at C.JEM Worksurfaces

corian kitchen

  1. Unique curved coved worktop upstands possible with C.JEM
  2. Countless colour possibilities for your Corian Worktops
  3. Design your worktops in any style or shape to suit your environment
  4. Incredibly hygienic and very easy to keep clean
  5. In the unlikely event that your worktop suffers any damage, the beauty of Corian is that it can be easily repaired
  6. Create the look of one single piece of worktop