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Process Of Corian Fabrication

Here at CJEM Worksurfaces we are proud of our work and the quality of it. Here we are willing to give you an insight of the work invoved and the techniques used from templating all the way through to site fitting.

Take a look below at the process involved and the transformation that occurs during your time with us.

1- Design

Like all projects we start with the planning and the design. Once you have the design sorted (either your own design, with your kitchen company, or with our help) we will come on board and begin to transform your ideas into reality.

2- Templating

Our first step is to take a detailed template of your required worksurface area. We will send one of our expert surveyors to your location to make all the neccesary drawings and templates that we need in order to fabricate your surface to the most accurate specification.

3- Fabrication

Once we have all the required measurements and details to proceed we will pass the drawings and templates into our factory, where our highly skilled fabricators will begin to bring your worktop to life.

4- Fitting

The final stage of the project is always the most exciting. Once we have fully fabricated your surface we will then send it to site with our specialist fitters to install and fix your worktop into place transforming your living spaces into how you always imagined them.